We have successfully finished the following core projects for national and international leading IT companies.

Localization projects which involved LtoI members as its Project Manager and the Lead Linguist
Microsoft Products and Games
HP Products
Oracle - DB Training Materials
Sun MicroSystems - Online Education Materials

LtoI members' other main experiences
Language Resource Manager - Korean
Final Inspector - Korean

Professional Tool Usage
Trados - Workbench, Trados TagEditor,
Microsoft - LocStudio, Helium, Project
Alchemy Catalyst
Other DTP Tools

Final Inspection
For projects which exceed a certain volume, an internal quality inspection is performed and the customer is notified of the result in a preset template.

Final Format Review
For Online Help files and manuals, the contents are re-inspected in its final format in order to avoid errors which may have occurred while translating and reviewing in a different format (ex: TRADOS, rtf, ttx).

Technical Review
When a project calls for a special skill or knowledge, a technical review is performed, as requested by the customer, by experts in the product or field.

Project Management
From software to multimedia, Project Managers with diverse localization and internationalization experiences thoroughly manage projects with smooth communication and analysis, and proper resource organization, thus minimizing the risk factor.

Language Resource
Based on the industrial philosophy which emphasizes human resource priority, we hire the top human resource from each field to provide high quality service, boosting our customers' competitive edge in the international market.

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