Localization/internationalization is an important matter in this 21st-century information technology era. Great products and contents alone are no longer sufficient for success in the international stage - what you need is professional localization/internationalization which can further project the excellence of your products and contents while bringing many different cultures together. At LtoI, we promise to provide you with true localization/internationalization services that you need.

LtoI possesses human resources that have spent many years in leading enterprises in the localization field, and these top human resources provide services of discriminating quality by systematically performing software, website, and technical document localization/internationalization projects.

LtoI yet another strength lies in the diverse and rich localization/internationalization experiences, flexible and creative project management capability, and the language process and resource management/development ability which are tried and true.

Based on these strengths, we will provide stable service through thorough quality management and efficient project management. Your success is our success. By treating each project with a strong sense of ownership in the name of LtoI, we will be your trustworthy partner in success.

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